Real Celebration - Participate's 30 Year Anniversary Gala


30 years of doing anything warrants a celebration but 30 years of pioneering the teacher exchange program in the U.S. most certainly deserves a pause to appreciate and acknowledgement.  The great work that Participate, formerly named Visiting International Faculty (VIF International Education) has done since it was founded in 1987 is a lengthy list.  They provide 'support to teachers, school leaders and districts in the endeavor of developing open-minded, curious citizens.'

The Details Events was thrilled to partner with Participate and The Carolina Inn to throw a big end of year bash for employees, friends and supports of Participate and alumni. 

The evening was three parts.  The first was cocktail hour.  Guests arrived to a surprise "step and repeat" logo banner and a stunning Red Carpet Lady!  As they made their way down the hall to the ballroom, a Champagne Dress entertainer was there with unlimited glasses of champagne.  In the ballroom there was full bar service and spectacular appetizers.  The company displayed the different logos throughout the years in the room.  A photobooth was ready to go for guests that wanted to document the evening!

After cocktails, guests were invited to the Hill Ballroom for dinner and presentations.  The founders and other key staff persons presented both humble and funny material throughout the meal. 

During dinner the Chancellor Ballroom was transformed into an after party lounge.  A huge funky band played well into the evening and guests either hit the dance floor or enjoyed the lounge alcoves created.  The bar was stocked and late night bites were served. 

It isn't often that a company takes time to really pause and look around at how far they have come and to celebrate it.  The Details Events was honored to be able to manage this event so they could do just that.  Cheers to another 30 years and beyond, Participate!  We appreciate the work you do!

Dream Team:

Venue: The Carolina Inn

Coordinator and Planner: The Details Events

Rentals: CE Rental  and  Party Reflections

Entertainment: Elevate  and  Klaxton Brown Band with East Coast Entertainment

Photography:  Noonday Studios

Flowers:  The Purple Puddle

Lighting: DJ Rang

Photobooth: ZimZoom

Real Love Story - Cliff & Bia

Real Love Story - Cliff & Bia

Back in 1977, gas was .69 cents, we gave the Panama Canal back to Panama, NYC had a major blackout, the first Apple II was on the market, the First Star Wars movie came out and o yea, my fabulous in-laws tied the knot for the first time.

Fast forward 40 years, and we are still doing epic things in the world and equally as epic, Cliff and Bia decided to tie that knot one more time in a beautiful vow renewal ceremony.

Real Event - Employee Engagement Event


When companies go through transition, of any scale, they many times get so deep in the trenches of the logistics that they can forget about how this affects the people.  Well, Revlon did not forget their folks, all 1200 of them, when they transitioned their software systems.  For many months, employees were trained and also had to take an exam to become certified in the new program.  When it was nearly time to go live, they reached out to The Details Events to pull off a huge event. 

We wanted to make sure that all employees had clear communication about what was changing with their position, where they could get assistance and to know that it was all going to be just fine!  Change is scary, and a lot of these folks had done their jobs a certain way for years.  So, we implemented a fun learning environment.  The transition had been super hero themed all along, so we incorporated that with the design.  Each department had a booth to visit.  And at each booth were important info takeaways in the form of a puzzle.  To further ensure engagement, we had a rewards system.  There was a carnival style game at each booth.  Each employee was asked a question and if they could answer a question correctly, they could then take a turn at the game and win a prize.  If the attendee visited booths, they got a sticker on their "passport" and it qualified them for a large prize at the end of the event.  For added fun, we provided treats like breakfast pastries, popcorn and cookies. 

Real Love Story - Liz and Mark

Holy cats, what a fantastic couple!  Liz and Mark are like, the sweetest.  And they had a really beautiful ceremony and reception at The Cotton Company in Wake Forest.  Mark's son and daughter were in their wedding party and Liz and Mark said I do in front of their families and friends, with the Rev. Ingrid officiating. 

Real Love Story - Michael + Lauren

Real Love Story - Michael + Lauren

The couple planned a beautiful ceremony at their church and guests headed to Marbles for a reception.  They were greeted with a Instax photo guest book and appetizers by Cafe Luna.  Guests were also invited to play throughout the museum.  After introductions and first dances (you would not believe the father/daughter dance, it totally rocked!), Cafe Luna presented a buffet to end all buffets!  The party really kicked off with The Radio Narks band playing into the night. 

Bat Mitzvah - Anna + Co.

Bat Mitzvah - Anna + Co.

We had the sweetest opportunity when Anna and her family were looking for planning assistance for her Bat Mitzvah weekend.  This young lady is truly going to make a beautiful impression on the world, and she's only just begun her journey into adulthood!  It was a fabulous lineup of four events in three days!

Real Love Story - Brittany + Paul

Real Love Story - Brittany + Paul

Brittany and Paul were married in February at Museum of Life + Science in Durham, NC.  This couple had some serious squad goals, in the amount of 24 people!!!  Honestly, they were the best behaved group we have ever had:)  They started their day getting ready at the Mothership and Motorco.  We fought (and barely won) the urge to ask Brittany if we could twirl in her dress.

Real Love Story - Colleen + Geoff

Real Love Story - Colleen + Geoff

They planned a beautiful wedding at The Royal Banquet in Raleigh, NC following their ceremony at Meredith College.  The happy couple pulled out all the stops when it came to personalizing their big day.  Their good friend was the Officiant, and another good friend was their ceremony musician (Colleen has a musical background too).  They themed the day around travel and the places they'd been to together. 

Real Love Story - Natalie + Andrew

Natalie found The Details just under the wire.  We had less than two months until she tied the knot with Andrew but we hit it off upon meeting and it was a really romantic day.  Natalie and Andrew have old souls and a classic, timeless love.  Enjoy the journey you two!!

Real Love Story - Christine + John

One of my favorite things is to see how couples incorporate their cultures into their special day.  Christine and John, and their families, came together to celebrate their love and new journey into marriage.  Christine's family brought a lot of decor that was inspired by their Filipino heritage and John made sure NC State was represented.  Cheers to you both!

Real Love Story - Anna + Tom

What do you do when you live more than 500 miles from the town you are planning your wedding?  You get a wedding planner, stat.  We couldn't be more thrilled to have our stars align with Anna and Tom, they were so special to work with.  They have worked through lots of long distance and career changes and Anna serves in the military, and you can tell their bond is rock solid and they find joy and humor in it all.  We worked really hard for about a year planning their special day from near and far.  We had major planning sessions when they could come into town and we worked with their vendors really closely so that it all went off with the only hitch being Anna and Tom saying I do!  There was a strong focus on using local vendors, like Pine State Flowers in Durham and the new 21c Hotel to get the squad ready.  Seeing the planning come together here in Durham, NC at Duke Gardens (I know, swoon!) and The Pit Durham (hello, rooftop!) was magical!  All of the mems were captured by the amazing Alicia Osbourne Photography company.  We wish many years of happiness to you both!

Real Love Story - Michelle + Carl

Michelle and Carl met on Halloween so it was only fitting they'd have a spook-tacular wedding on Halloween too!  The ceremony and reception took place at the Chapel Hill Carriage House, complete with guests in costume!  Michelle DIY-d the heck out of their details, including a custom guest book that was a painting of a tree that each guest added their thumbprint as a leaf to, an extensive trick or treat bar, and we had tons of fun setting it all up.  The Pit Durham provided the local BBQ and their themed cupcakes were by a friend.  All of these special moments were captured by Nieto Photography We loved getting to know Michelle and Carl, they were such a happy couple, it seemed they were floating on air all night.  Congrats!