Real Love Story - Anna + Tom

What do you do when you live more than 500 miles from the town you are planning your wedding?  You get a wedding planner, stat.  We couldn't be more thrilled to have our stars align with Anna and Tom, they were so special to work with.  They have worked through lots of long distance and career changes and Anna serves in the military, and you can tell their bond is rock solid and they find joy and humor in it all.  We worked really hard for about a year planning their special day from near and far.  We had major planning sessions when they could come into town and we worked with their vendors really closely so that it all went off with the only hitch being Anna and Tom saying I do!  There was a strong focus on using local vendors, like Pine State Flowers in Durham and the new 21c Hotel to get the squad ready.  Seeing the planning come together here in Durham, NC at Duke Gardens (I know, swoon!) and The Pit Durham (hello, rooftop!) was magical!  All of the mems were captured by the amazing Alicia Osbourne Photography company.  We wish many years of happiness to you both!