Real Love Story - Cliff & Bia

vow renewal

Back in 1977, gas was .69 cents, we gave the Panama Canal back to Panama, NYC had a major blackout, the first Apple II was on the market, the First Star Wars movie came out and o yea, my fabulous in-laws tied the knot for the first time.

Fast forward 40 years, and we are still doing epic things in the world and equally as epic, Cliff and Bia decided to tie that knot one more time in a beautiful vow renewal ceremony.

Cliff and Bia met in college in Illinois, settled in Janesville, WI where Cliff worked in the city parks department and Bia raised their daughter Andrea and their son (my personal favorite person and my husband!) Neal.  They lived in Wisconsin until Cliff retired a few years ago and they now live in Seminole FL. 

They gathered with family and friends at the Hotel Zamora to promise another 40 years (at least!) to each other.  Their close friend and also Bia's bridesmaid from their wedding, LouAnn officiated a really personal and touching ceremony.  They also exchanged their own vows and then there wasn't a dry eye in the place!  Immediately following the ceremony, a cocktail and luncheon celebration was served. 

Bia made all of the decor, and used birds as a theme.  Also, apparently "You're My Lobster" is a thing and it's their thing.  Since Bia is originally from Brazil, she made a beautiful cake for the couple and guests to enjoy. 

Here's many more years together, Mr. and Mrs. Englert!