Real Event - Employee Engagement Event


When companies go through transition, of any scale, they many times get so deep in the trenches of the logistics that they can forget about how this affects the people.  Well, Revlon did not forget their folks, all 1200 of them, when they transitioned their software systems.  For many months, employees were trained and also had to take an exam to become certified in the new program.  When it was nearly time to go live, they reached out to The Details Events to pull off a huge event. 

We wanted to make sure that all employees had clear communication about what was changing with their position, where they could get assistance and to know that it was all going to be just fine!  Change is scary, and a lot of these folks had done their jobs a certain way for years.  So, we implemented a fun learning environment.  The transition had been super hero themed all along, so we incorporated that with the design.  Each department had a booth to visit.  And at each booth were important info takeaways in the form of a puzzle.  To further ensure engagement, we had a rewards system.  There was a carnival style game at each booth.  Each employee was asked a question and if they could answer a question correctly, they could then take a turn at the game and win a prize.  If the attendee visited booths, they got a sticker on their "passport" and it qualified them for a large prize at the end of the event.  For added fun, we provided treats like breakfast pastries, popcorn and cookies.